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Antonov completes first An-178-100P fuselage for Ukrainian Air Force

Ukrainian airlifter specialist Antonov has completed the major fuselage structure for the first An-178 military cargo aircraft. On Thursday, the Antonov rolled out the first fuselage for the advanced version of its new cargo plane in AN-178-100P configuration. The new aircraft developed for the Ukrainian Air Force. Ukrainian Air Force has awarded the Antonov company […]

Ukraine discloses further details of AN-178-100R medium transport aircraft

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has disclosed further details of its new AN-178-100R medium transport aircraft, which have been customized specifically to succeed in fully loaded, high-tempo tactical operations with maximum efficiency. The new AN-178-100R is an advanced version of the AN-178 platform designed to replace aging Soviet-made An-12 and An-26 military transport aircraft. The new mid-range military transport […]