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LUCH develops new multi-mission weapon system

The Kyiv-based state design bureau LUCH has taken the opportunity at the Arms and Security exhibition being held in Kyiv from 15 to 18 June to unveil a new multi-mission weapon system, called the Amulet. The leading Ukrainian defense company has announced that a new weapon system developed as a multi-mission launcher for guided 130 […]

Houthi Rebels fire anti-tank missile at Saudi Abrams tank

In a short video posted to YouTube Wednesday, Yemen‘s Houthi rebels appear to have filmed themselves firing an anti-tank missile at a M1A2 Abrams tank of Saudi Armed Forces. Houthi rebels have released a video they claim shows the moment of anti-tank guided missile shelling a Saudi M1A2 Abrams tank in the Jizan province bordering […]

New Jaguar combat vehicle has fired MMP for the first time

The new French Jaguar armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle (EBRC) has test-fired MMP medium-range missile, for the first time. On 14 April, the French defense procurement agency (DGA) carried out the firing at their Land Techniques Test Centre as part of the Jaguar qualification. Launched from the retractable pod on the Jaguar’s turret in a […]

Javelins fly during military exercise in Georgia

Soldiers with the 22nd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade fired Javelin anti-tank missile during the live-fire training exercise on the Vaziani fire range, Sakartvelo (also known as Georgia). The exercise was held under the aegis of local and American instructors of Combat Training Center (CTC) on the Vaziani fire range. The military unit conducted the […]

Ukraine notes strong Brazilian interest in anti-tank missiles

Ukrainian state foreign trade enterprise SpetsTechnoExport has reported that Brazil has shown strong interest in modern anti-tank missile systems developed by Kyiv-based state design bureau LUCH. On Monday, the first technical online consultation between Ukraine and the Republic of Brazil took place within the framework of the Dialogue in the Defense Sphere of the two […]

Chinese tanks will be the main target for Javelin?

Much has changed since the Cold War, including the main priorities and threats to NATO countries and their weapons systems. And apparently, Chinese main battle tanks have become the primary targets for the modern U.S.-made anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system.  An intriguing post on Twitter suggested that the Pentagon’s No.1 weapons supplier Lockheed Martin Corp […]

Wreckage of Russia’s new missile was found in Syria

Images have started to show up on social media showing the wreckage of a Russian modern guided missile system that was found in Syria. Pictures have emerged on social media of the 9M133FM-3 Kornet long-range missile wreckage found in Al Ghab valley, Syria on last week. The 9M133FM-3 is a man-portable anti-tank guided missile with […]

U.S. Marines conducts a detailed examination of Russian-made anti-tank missiles captured in Syria

The U.S. Marine Corps has reported that its Specialists conducted a detailed examination of Russian-made AT-4B Spigot anti-tank missile systems, which were recently obtained by partner forces in southern Syria. The United States Central Command has announced that Specialists with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force – Crisis Response – Central Command, conducted a detailed […]